Ho Chi Minh City Shore Excursions asks for a 30% or 100 USD deposit payable on your receipt of my PayPal or Credit Card invoice. Your deposit is used to pay Vietnam Port Authority fees prior to your arrival (a legal requirement here, to allow shipside pick-up & drop-off). Receipt of your deposit by my company will indicate that you have read these Terms and Conditions and that you have accepted them. 

Your Shore Excursion balance is payable at the end of your excursion in cash – $USD, or our local currency (VND) at the exchange rate prevailing on the day.

If required by you, I can accept a deposit of more than 30% via PayPal, up to the full value of your Shore Excursion/s plus a PayPal bank charge of 4%.


+ 100% deposit return – if cancelled 28 days or more before your arrival date

+ 50% deposit return – if cancelled between 28 & 14 days before your arrival date, unless your tour slot can be rebooked. Every effort is made to rebook

+ 0 % deposit return – if cancelled less than 14 days before your arrival date, or for ‘no-shows’ after the ship has docked.

Cancellation by your cruise company where the ship is unable to dock/tender due to Force Majeure reasons
In the most unlikely event your ship is unable to dock at ports or the tender can not discharge passengers, my company will endeavour to negotiate with the Vietnam Port Authority Agents to minimize the cancellation charge – full repayment of port fees is not guaranteed by these agents. Please kindly remember my driver and tour guide will have been sent to the port to welcome you and will require payment for their time. I will advise you on specific details if this is the case and get back to you with any refund amount.

It is perhaps worth saying that in the last 5 years, only once has a cruise ship been unable to dock due to inclement weather where Private Shore Excursions have been booked with my company.